Chase the Ace
Catch the Ace Special Event

SEPTEMBER 11 -2020

Jackpot tonight is $4900.00
1st ticket drawn : Fushia ticket 622759 - 9 of spades - this ticket wins $567 (20% of tonights ticket sales)
2nd ticket drawn Yellow 957092 - Jack of diamonds - no winner
3rd ticket drawn Yellow 956245 - 8 of hearts - no winner
4th ticket drawn Yellow 957812 - King of Diamonds - no winner
5th ticket drawn Salmon 160236 - 5 of Diamonds - no winner
6th ticket drawn White 303135 - 3 of Clubs - no winner
7th ticket drawn Salmon 801849 - 6 of Spades - no winner
8th ticket drawn Fushia 622818 - Queen of Hearts - no winner
9th ticket drawn Fushia 622841 - 5 of Clubs - no winner
10th ticket drawn Salmon 161924 - 2 of Spades - no winner
11th ticket drawn Yellow 455889 - 9 of hearts - no winner
12th ticket drawn White 302930 - 10 of Diamonds - no winner
13th ticket drawn Fushia 225885 - King of hearts - no winner
14th ticket drawn Yellow 957919 - 4 of Spades - no winner
15th ticket drawn Fushia 622897 - 2 of hearts - no winner
16th ticket drawn Salmon 162096 - 7 of diamonds - no winner
17th ticket drawn Fushia 622881 - Queen of Diamonds - no winner
18th ticket drawn Fushia 622900 - Queen of Clubs - no winner
19th ticket drawn White 303096 - 3 of Spades - no winner
20th ticket drawn Fushia 623502 - Queen of Spades - no winner
21st ticket drawn White 303844 - 2 of Clubs - no winner
22nd ticket drawn White 303097 - 7 of Spades - no winner
23rd ticket drawn Yellow 957138 - 6 of Diamonds - no winner
24th ticket drawn Yellow 957195 - Ace of Diamonds - no winner
25th ticket drawn Fushia 622864 - Ace of SPADES - $4900.00
**This is NOT the Official list. This list is posted as a convenience. Please contact the office (902-667-2523) to verify your ticket and arrange to collect your prize**

August 15 -2020

Ticket numbers drawn and the corresponding card will be posted on our Facebook page “CHASE THE ACE - AMHERST”. Should your ticket be a cash winner (first draw) or the Ace of Spades; you must contact the church office (902) 667-2523 on Monday September 14 between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm to arrange pick up of your cheque. You will have until September 23, 2020 to claim your winnings. *** IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK YOU CAN CALL THE OFFICE ON MONDAY AND CHECK YOUR TICKET NUMBER AGAINST THE WINNING NUMBERS or CHECK HERE on this page.

August 15 -2020

Two tables will be set up outside where tickets will be sold between 6 and 8 pm. Please practise social distancing and wear a mask as you buy your tickets. Once tickets purchased, please return home and await the draw.
The draw will be live streamed on our Facebook group “CHASE THE ACE - AMHERST”

August 10 -2020

One month until the draw!
We have been approved by NS Gaming to hold our final draw of Chase the Ace in order to end our suspended game. We will force the Ace by drawing until it is found. We have created an Event called “Catch the Ace”. Please share the Event so we can finish with a bang!
On Sept 11, from 6-8 pm, tickets will be sold at Holy Family Church. There will be no gathering inside for the draw starting at 8:00 pm.

How it Works

Please share this event with your Facebook friends. Tune into our Chase the Ace Facebook page for the live-streaming of the draw.>